how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria

how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria – Full Guide

you have heard of affiliate marketing and you will like to know how you can start affiliate marketing in Nigeria as a brand new beginner, right?


Don’t worry, i have got you covered. in this article, i will share everything you need to get started with affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

And i will cover all the basis you need to know, and i will also share exactly how you can start making money with it even here in Nigeria.


what is affiliate marketing?

As an  affiliate marketer, affiliate marketing has to do with promoting products for other people for a commission. in this case, you get paid when you make a sale. for product owner

An affiliate is someone who enters into an agreement with a merchant who may be a product owner, or an online or offline shop or supplier, to promote their product or service in return for a commission for a specific action.


with affiliate marketing, the affiliate drives traffic to a merchant’s product and,depending on the agreement, get paid a commission if a product is sold, or gets paid a fee if a lead is generated.

Here’s why you don’t have to create a product, you don’t have to deal with delivering any product to anyone. All you focus on is the marketing side of things.


How to find and signup for affiliate product.

There are many ways to find affiliate program that you will promote. the first and easiest way to find an affiliate program is by searching on google.

Expertnaire  Affiliate Program

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